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Tailored to the modern day curriculum and classroom environment, Two Teach understands the complexity of the classroom and the demands of the job. In response to this we have created educational resources that are easy to access, flexible in design, competitive in nature and centred around the power of feedback. Below outlines our process, from creation through to post exam activities and feedback. 

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Creation of Resources

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Purchase and Distribution

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Customisation of Resources

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Post Exam Resources and Feedback

Creation of Resources
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Our team of examination writers have been hand selected and identified as experts in their teaching fields. All examination writers have taught the HSC for many years. Some of our writers are even HSC or senior markers! They have strong connections to the syllabus and the expectations of the HSC.


Using the NESA assessment documents for guidance our writers create a unique exam that aims to emulate the structure and content areas assessed in both the Preliminary and HSC courses. Our examinations are unique, challenging and customisable. They alleviate the pressure on your teachers to create an exam prior to the HSC.

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