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1. Are the writers of Two Teach examinations qualified teachers? 

Yes, all our examination writers are experienced teachers who have delivered the HSC for their subject area. 

2. Do I have to purchase one examination paper per student?

No, when you purchase the exam from Two Teach, you can utilise this for all students undertaking the particular course within your school.

3. Can I provide this exam to a college at another school to use?

No, the exam is for the sole use of the purchasing school and is not to be provided to a third party either free of charge or for profit.

4. Can I change the questions within the exam?

Yes, you are free to make any amendments to the exam that you wish however Two Teach takes no responsibility for the inclusion of questions not provided as part of the examination pack or any structural changes resulting in alterations to the look or marking structure.

5. How will I receive the exam paper?

The exam will be emailed as a word document, completely editable by you and your staff.

6. When will I receive the examination paper?

Our dates have been built around school calendars. If the dates don’t align please feel free to contact us to arrange early receipt of the exam.

7. What makes the Two Teach paper different? Why should I purchase?

Our papers have been written holistically with the teacher in mind. They feature customisable layouts and interchangeable questions, sample answers and post exam literacy activities.

8. How do I purchase?

Complete the online order form on our website. Your school will be invoiced and once payment has been received the exam will be emailed around our dates outlined.

9. Do I have to purchase more than one subject?

No, you can purchase for one subject or multiple subjects.

10. Will other subjects become available?

Yes, we are building our team of expert writers; watch this space or get in touch if you think this may be you.

11. Where does the donation go?

We believe in giving back at Two Teach so $1.00 from each paper sold will be donated to the Country Education Foundation of Australia which assists in strengthening educational awareness in rural communities throughout NSW.

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