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Sample Answers

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Interchangeable Questions

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Post Exam


Sample Answers


Our detailed examination aims to closely emulate that of the HSC Examination.  Teachers can benefit from having a comprehensive examination, with clear structure and sequencing which aims to give students a trial, closely modelled on the HSC exam. Care is taken to ensure that the structure and mark range follows the guidelines as set by NESA Assessment Advice. 

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Post Exam Activities
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Our detailed sample answers enable teachers to apply a consistent approach to marking and to provide students with valuable and specific feedback post examination. Teachers can benefit from having detailed sample answers to enhance  their understanding of applying the rubric with confidence. 

The detailed answers and rubrics enable students to understand what is required to achieve maximum results.  They include band descriptors for each answer, marking rubric, mapping grid as well as detailed sample answers. 

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Piloe Marking
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Our examinations our equipped with a range of interchangeable questions, allowing you to tailor your examination to suit your school needs. We give additional questions, with matching marking guidelines to ensure that you have an examination you can use. 

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Our post exam activities are designed to complement the exam and build student capacity. It enables students to take more than just a mark away. It places a greater emphasis on post exam feedback as a resource for further study. This enables teachers to deliver effective post exam lessons, dissecting the paper and building student capacity. It focuses on feedback that allows students to tailor their future written responses, with the aim of increasing their band range and enhancing their understanding of content.

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